Are you ready to organize video projects like a Master?

I have had numerous occasions to talk to top editors in their fields. Simon Smith (editor of HBO's Chernobyl), or Frances Parker (editor of Band of Brothers or Netflix's The Crown) to name a few.

And all of them say that the way you organize your project is essential to not only how fast you can deliver but also how good the results of the work are. 

To quote Geoff Richman: 

How well you organize and think about your select reels

absolutely determines how well the edit is going to go. If you don’t organize

your select reels, you’ll get to your first cut faster but it’s a waste of time

because the select reel is how you create the 1,000 cuts that come after.

Project Organization might be a tedious part of the job yet it's essential to be able to deliver great results under time pressure. 

Here's what awaits you inside:

    1. Before we begin...

    2. Introduction

    1. Post Haste

    2. The Bus Factor

    3. Labels

    4. Keep Things Searchable

    1. FAQ: The Editing Order

    2. FAQ: Choosing the Best Take

    3. FAQ: Watching Dailies

    4. FAQ: Constructing a Scene: Build vs Trim

    5. FAQ: Organizing Many Timelines

    1. Case Study: Short Film

    2. Case Study: Unscripted Corporate Video

    3. Timelines of Industry Pros

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