Dear editors, shreditors, creators, videographers, directors,and video producers...

What if you could work faster and smarter in the editing bay to boost your output, improve your storytelling, and free up more time for your passion projects - all in the next 60 days?

If you are like me, you love working your own hours.

It's great no longer having a boss standing behind you staring at your monitor...

But editing takes SO MUCH TIME!

(Not to mention how long it takes managing millions of organizational tasks that crop up when you run a business).

You JUST want to tell great stories. But lately, even GETTING STARTED feels like a STRUGGLE. 

I'm Piotr, a working editor, just like you. 

Let me tell you something they never tell you in film school (or in any other courses that focus just on storytelling):

Shaping good stories fast becomes easier - as soon as you eliminate distractions.

Free up bottlenecks in your workflows, and fall back in love with your editing machine.

Editing Chef


The only online productivity course created specifically for freelance editors and creators.

In my step-by-step program, you’ll learn strategies to streamline every part of your editing workflow so that you can stop stressing over time-management, 3x your editing effectiveness, and tell better stories, faster.
editing chef course

Is getting started with editing and staying focused an issue?Then this program was created just for you. 

When you put these simple, accessible strategies into place you’ll be able to:

Stop stressing about runaway schedules and all those lost hours.

  • Jump Into projects

    Right when you plan to, and check off every to-do on your edit schedule. (Yes, you’ll actually have an edit schedule!)

  • Focus On Storytelling

    Because you are no longer held back by organizational tasks that distract you, drain your energy and kill your creativity.

  • Re-Set Your Tech

    For maximum efficiency. Save hours with well-stored footage, automated go-to presets, and enjoy smoother, speedier editing sessions.

  • Boost Your Creativity

    Clear your mind, and make creative space for your storytelling. Know when to begin and finish each task and easily bounce back if your schedule spirals.

  • Pitch Bigger Clients

    And win better projects, because you have rock-solid systems and workflows at your finger tips.

  • Enjoy More Freedom

    Factor in family time, evenings and weekends away from your desk with time to watch movies, read books, and live a life that actually feeds your creativity.

No more getting sucked into Youtube tutorials and falling down social-media rabbit-holes that leave you racing to get back on schedule. No more working late hours into the night or weekends, while your family and friends complain they never see you.

Here's a sneak peak into what you get:

  • Over 40 short video lessons you can watch at your own pace

  • Monthly live chats with like-minded editors & Access to Live Sessions Archive

  • Access to our private Editing Chef community on Discord

  • Downloadable worksheets, checklists, and exercises

  • Lifetime access to all current content and more to come.

One more thing...

I Cooked Up These Bonuses For You

Get all of them for free when you enroll today.

  • Storage for Editors Mini-Course

    Storage issues stacking up? Get them all straightened out with this guide, and never lose another clip.

    Value: $29
    Today's price: Free

  • 3 Months Soundly Pro

    Soundly is my best choice for the ultimate sound library. Now you can see for yourself.

    I'm giving you free access to Soundly Pro for 3 months as a thank you for joining Editing Chef today.

    Value: $45
    Today's price: Free

  • Creative Editing Mini-course $50 off

    In Editing Quarks, you'll learn creative editing tips that propel your stories.

    From cutaways and inserts to editing with music, use these insider techniques to define your own unique editing style.

    Launches Fall 2022.

    Expected price: $97
    Editing Chef student price: $47

“I just could not stop watching! I got some great tips that I still use to this day and continue to refer to. Even if you have been editing for 10 years like I had, there are still lots of things to learn.”

Assistant Editor, Los Angeles

Kyle Boberg

Ready to eliminate distraction
and harness traction so you can edit great stories faster?

Part of a cohort
or one-on-one coaching?

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Here's what's waiting for you 

in Editing Chef:

(Broken down module-by-module)

Module 1: Optimize Your Workspace

● How to set up your editing bay to boost your productivity.

● Discovering distractions in your daily schedule, and how eliminating them allows your creativity & focus to flow.

● Why you SHOULD plan for boredom, breaks and mistakes and how to bounce back quickly on days your schedule runs over.

Module 2: Tech Talks for Productivity

● Discover how to choose and maximize your tech for greater efficiency.

● Tips for handling your media cache and auto saves - so you never lose work again.

● How I edited 4k footage on a 7-year machine just using proxies to speed my workflow. (And how you could too).

● Find and free up bottlenecks and save yourself hours.

Module 3: Cue Up Your “Ready To Edit” Mindset

● Cultivate a can-do attitude in just 3-steps.

● How to break free of creativity blocks and master powerful storytelling everyday.

Module 4: Easily Enter the Editing Zone

● Learn my five steps for a focused editing session.

● Understand the value of time-blocking to create traction and consistently achieve your editing goals.

● Good questions to ask before you begin any editing session, so you achieve razor-sharp focus.

Module 5: Overcome Organisation Overwhelm

● Uncover The Bus Factor and discover why you need to harness it for your editing business today.

● Setting up searchable systems - so you can stop hunting cluelessly through files once and for all.

● Struggling with editing choices? How to use the power of hooks, stakes, and story to catapult you into your opening scenes.

● [NEW} Case Studies breaking down project organization for two real-life projects I worked on.

Module 6: All About Presets

● How to use presets to propel you from the middle to the end of your project.

● What presets are really necessary and tutorials on how to use them for motion enhance, audio effects, titles & captions, and to automate exporting.

● A fast and frictionless approach to graphics for the story-driven editor.

Module 7: Winning Workflows

● Shortcuts you can’t live without, plus my own custom shortcuts files for you to download.

● Learn smart rendering strategies for smoother playback and fast exports.

● Best practices for keeping timelines tidy, and one whole class dedicated to game-changing pancake timelines.

● [NEW] How to use Excalibur (powerful plugin for Premiere Pro)

Module 8: Keep Creativity High

● How to recognize creative blocks and clear them to enjoy more freedom and satisfaction when you edit.

● Why embracing constraints, establishing a quick result and feedback cycle, and avoiding “the curse of knowledge” means your positivity and creativity will remain high.

● Discover the “finish early” technique that means you will always come ready to start your next editing session like a rocket ready for takeoff. ion.

Module 9: Handling Client Feedback

● Ideas for how to streamline your client feedback loop to eliminate unhelpful comments.

● Things you can do to experience less negative energy around the feedback process and glide through frustration.

● How to handle difficult notes and still come out smiling.

Module 10: Extension Lessons

● Offer same-day edits? Discover which tech is preferable to prep before you begin your edit session.

● Get your Same Day Edit Checklist, which details what needs to be done before D-day and on D-day for a smooth same-day edit.

● [NEW] Set of lessons answering FAQ about project organization.

● [NEW] Extension lesson about using Excalibur plugin (for Premiere Pro users)

Still need a minute to decide?

What Makes Editing Chef Taste So Different

 Editing Chef is a program created and designed specifically for editors, videographers, creators, or anyone who spends time in an editing bay and wants to boost their productivity. 
Because without good systems, your focus fails.Productivity dive bombs.Creativity sleeps on the cutting room floor.(You're too good to let that happen!)

Your workflows will thank you for this.
But don't just take my word for it.

“Piotr is one of the good guys. He's very professional. Very kind. It feels like he's around for the long term. The ongoing group catchups are gold dust.”

Photographer, London

Jack Eames

“Piotr has figured out the essence of what it takes to be a better, faster editor, and has distilled it into an efficient, teachable format. The class had left me reinvigorated to use my editing machine again!”

Youtube Content Creator, USA

Andrew Reuter

With My 60-Day Guarantee

How About A Taste Test?

Never done anything like this before? Feel like we’re skipping straight from first date to third date? No problem.

I’m fully confident that after you’ve dipped into a class or two of Editing Chef you’ll see just how easy it is to boost your productivity and streamline your editing process for maximum efficiency.

That’s why I’m giving you 60 days to go through the program and try the ideas. If you don’t agree that you are working smarter and faster in just two months, email me at, and tell me you want your money back.

As you can tell, I'm not into wasting anyone’s time. Consider yourself fully-protected by this guarantee.

Hey, I'm Piotr

Story-driven editor, Johnny Cash lover.
I can’t wait to cheer you on in Editing Chef.

I’ve spent the last 7 years editing commercials, corporate videos, documentaries and short films, while running my YouTube channel, so I'm no stranger to the frustration and stress that comes with running an editing business.

I won’t lie. It hasn’t always been easy - and it still isn't some days. But over the years I've developed proven practices I use to get me into the creative zone fast, manage multiple tasks, and make enough money to support my family AND still spend quality time with them.

When I heard many editors had the same struggles I had, I wanted to share what helped me break through.

I created Editing Chef to give you no-stress strategies you can use to easily manage - and love - your editing business.

See you inside!

Piotr Toczyński

Freelance Film and Video Editor

You have questions? Well, let's get them answered!

What's that?

  • I would love to do this, but I already struggle with my schedule.
    How much time will it take?

    I hear you. I remember falling asleep in my bay racing to make deadlines. It’s why I decided to make Editing Chef self-guided, so you can watch at your own pace. Each class is compact and should take no longer than 15 minutes to view. Most students get done in 60 days (and return again and again). Trying the ideas and making them a smooth part of your workflow takes practice, but when you go that extra step you’ll see your efficiency as an editor soar. You’ll finally break free of stress and overwhelm that holds so many editors back.

  • How is The Editing Chef different from what I watch on Youtube?

    It’s great you’ve been watching and learning new things. But let me ask you. Did you feel better about your own editing work after watching? Did you improve your output? My guess is no. The Editing Chef is the only course I know of that shows you how to get into the mindset you need to dive into a project alongside the processes you need to avoid distractions. If you are serious about getting faster - and also want to love editing long-term without getting burned out - you’ll get the specific steps you need to make it happen in The Editing Chef.

  • I don’t use Premier Pro. Will what you teach still work?

    Yes. Over 90% of the course will work with any system you prefer. We have students using Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and more. They have all successfully completed the course and learned a ton about streamlining workflow and productivity in the process.

  • I don’t have budget for new tech. Can I still take this course?

    Definitely. In fact, I don’t insist you need any new tech to take this class. Why? Most editors think they’ll be more efficient if they have a faster computer, more RAM or even a whole bunch of presets. I don’t agree. Keeping your tech updated enough to handle your projects is fine - anything extra can actually add distractions. Here’s the thing. Tech is not actually the root cause of the problem. If you are slow now, you’ll also be slow on a brand new mac, because you won’t have solved the real cause. That’s why we go beyond tech specs and dive into areas of mindset and productivity. (Hint - these are actually the root cause!).

  • Time management stresses me out.
    Are you sure I can learn this?

    Yes. These ideas are proven and learnable - just ask my past students! Here's the thing. As editors, we’re all just somehow meant to know how to manage projects, manage clients, and manage a business. No-one teaches that. So, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t got those strategies in place yet. It's why I made the course compact and accessible and extremely focused on the struggles editors face getting organised and delivering on deadline. And think about it. There was a time when you had no clue what a frame rate or a graphic match was. But you learned. I have 100% faith in the fact that you can learn - and adopt - the strategies in The Editing Chef too, with no extra stress. After all, if I can do it, then you can too!

Still deciding if Editing Chef is right for you?

Take it from me, this program is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You’re just starting out: Whether you are still with a production house or going it alone, it’s never too early to get good and quick, fast. You’ll free up hours by using these strategies, and when your confidence in your process is strong, you’ll have no trouble saying yes to better clients and more jobs more often.

  • You are sick of stressing about wasting so much time: It feels icky when a deadline is looming and you know you’re behind.
    Now you’ll have the mindset techniques and efficiency shortcuts to get ahead and stay on-track, so you never have to make another excuse to your clients.
    You’re excited to jump right into the first class and crack the editing efficiency code.
    In three weeks, you’ll have your very one “get started fast” process, and you’ll love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from smooth-running edit sessions.
    In 3 months? Your motivation will be flying sky-high and you have way more free time.

  • You’ve tried to speed up your editing sessions before, but it hasn’t really gone to plan: Don’t worry, now you won't be on your own. Start with the step-by-step lessons so you can begin adding repeatable shortcuts into your workflows. Then, any time you come unstuck, stop by Discord, ask questions and get support.

  • You want more consistent clients: After so long in the fear or famine cycle where you have months packed with work, followed by no work at all, you want systems you can rely on, so you can accurately time your projects and plan for more. You'll get that with Editing Chef.

  • You want to excel as an editor: After all, you already spend hours every day refining your editing skills. You read books on editing. You watch movies all night. You Google it 24/7. Now you feel ready to give yourself an added edge with techniques and shortcuts that speed you straight to the heart of the story.

  • You’re kinda over so much alone time: Sure, leaving your production house job means you have more creative control and no boss to answer to. But you do miss having people around some days. You’d love a space like our Discord community and live chats where you can bounce around ideas, problem-solve, network and just nerd out with other creatives. Come say hi!

  • You’re serious about scaling your business and owning your schedule in the next 12 months: With good workflows in place you’ll love how you power through projects and deliver good work on time. You’ll be considered a creative, considerate editor who always delivers, and your portfolio will be packed with standout projects. And with such a stellar reputation, there’s no reason why you won’t be hearing from your dream clients daily.

Improve your editing productivity

It's all waiting for you on the other side of this screen

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    Video Classes + Live Sessions Archive + Exercise Files + Private Course Community + Future Updates + Bonuses

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  • $1,497.00

    12 weeks Coaching Program

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Time to make your choice

Finally, streamline your workflows and become a more effective editor 

Get your hands on practical proven tips, and deliver better stories on deadline. 
Get started now.

Choose your plan.

We'll see you inside.

(Stop by our Discord chat first and say hi. We can’t wait to meet you )


“The biggest takeaway for me is thinking about the "what" and the "why" behind the scenes. Thinking with that kind of mindset instead of just trying to make a cool edit. How am I going to emotionally engage the audience? Honestly, the best value for money I've spent on a course.”

Freelance Editor, UK

Liam Ozdemir

“I am at a crucial point in my career path and, as expected, Editing Chef is a great help to my journey. I find the global aspects the most interesting: Mindset, prep work, asking yourself why you are doing this. (If the answer is storytelling, you're in the right place).”

Video Creator, Assistant Director, USA

Arusha Baker

“It pays for itself. Any job I work where I utilise any of the skills that I expanded my mind on is going to pay for itself. It made Editing Chef a no-brainer.”